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Resell security like a pro

Cybersecurity is mission-critical. IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are often the first line of defense when it comes to threat detection, data protection, backup and recovery. You can’t afford to leave clients unprotected. You need security solutions that are effective, reliable and easy to implement.

Our Security Hub has assets, tools and resources for reselling cybersecurity solutions that keep clients safe. Use it to boost your knowledge, market your offerings and grow your sales.

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Understand security

We’ve curated a selection of resources to help you amplify your cybersecurity knowledge. Use the documents below to read up on cybersecurity solutions, their costs and best practices for implementation. The more you know about cybersecurity trends, products and prices, the better you can explain the value to clients.

Office 365 and Office Protect

Learn how Office Protect can keep your O365 data secure

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Best Practices for Securing Your Office 365 Environment

Tips, tricks and tools for ensuring data stored in Microsoft clouds is kept safe

PDF | 682 KB
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REDIntelligence Solution Spotlight

A deep dive into SherWeb's own affordable security solution, Office Protect

PDF | 1.5 MB
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RCP Guide to Office 365 Security Costs

See all O365 plans, pricing and what's included for security

PDF | 1.1 MB
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Fighting Ransomware: Expert Tips from the FBI

Former FBI operative Eric O'Neill gives his insights on Ransomware

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Market security

Being an expert is important, but when it comes to selling more, you need to look the part. Here you’ll find pitch decks, eBooks and infographics to help you position your security stack and maximize your revenue generation. Use them to present your offerings to clients in language they understand, with visuals that engage and inform them.

The Ultimate Security Pitch Deck

A white-label pitch deck for Microsoft 365, Office Protect and Online Backup

PowerPoint | 4.9 MB
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How to Fight Back if You've Been Hacked

An eBook with steps clients can take to address a privacy and/or data breach

PDF | 834 KB
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Six Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

An eBook to show clients common security mistakes and how to fix them now

PDF | 552 KB
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Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats and Information Loss

A presentation deck on cybersecurity for SMBs, highlighting Microsoft 365 Business

PowerPoint | 7.9 MB
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How Small Businesses Can Safeguard Their Data

A graphic on how Microsoft 365 Business protects SMBs

PDF | 568 KB
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Microsoft Assets for Reselling Security

Email templates and a conversation guide for reselling Microsoft 365 security solutions

ZIP | 10.8 MB
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Strengthen Your Office 365 Environment

Use this white-label presentation to present your Office Protect offering to clients

PowerPoint | 1.2 MB
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Partner with a CSP

So far, you’ve increased your knowledge around cybersecurity solutions and spent time learning how to market them. The easiest way to profit from those solutions (especially Microsoft products) is to resell them through the cloud services provider (CSP) program. Use the resources in this section to understand why joining an indirect CSP is the most profitable option for your business.

The Cloud Solution Provider Guide

Everything you need to know about Microsoft's CSP Program

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Microsoft Direct CSP Requirements

Details and Q&A on the latest requirements for Microsoft CSP

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5 Reasons to Go Indirect CSP

See why the middleman is worth it when it comes to Microsoft CSP

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7 Fatal Mistakes MSPs Make When Choosing a Microsoft CSP Distributor

Learn how the right CSP distributor can make all the difference

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Direct CSP Changes: Microsoft Incentives

Important announcements Microsoft CSP partners should be aware of

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Resell with SherWeb

With more than 5,000 partners in over 100 countries, SherWeb is an expert at helping partners succeed in reselling security solutions. We’re also an award-winning Microsoft cloud distributor, and a top choice for resellers when it comes to Microsoft products. With that said, now’s the time to learn more about how our partner programs can benefit your business—or you can sign up now! We’re ready to help you ensure your clients’ IT stack is fully secure.

SherWeb Partner Infokit

Learn more about SherWeb's partner program and how it can help grow your business

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