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Build a profitable Microsoft 365 offer

Everything you need to know about becoming a successful reseller

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Microsoft 365 sales guide

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  • Adapt your MSP to meet market demand
  • Become your clients’ strategic consultant
  • Promote the collaboration tools
    in Microsoft 365
  • Create a solid plan


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Your guide is on its way to your inbox.

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What you’ll learn from this guide

The Microsoft 365 opportunity is greater than ever before. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This reseller guide teaches you how to leverage Microsoft 365 to generate recurring revenue, expand your managed services offering and differentiate your offer to provide value for clients.

Differentiate your Microsoft 365 offer

How to complement and position your offering to drive profits

The Microsoft CSP program

Learn what the CSP program is, how it works and its benefits and drawbacks

Identify selling scenarios

Ask clients the right qualifying questions to better suit their needs

Overcome client objections

Address customer concerns with regards to Microsoft 365 and other cloud services

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