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Expert guidance and resources to help you launch your own marketing campaigns.

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We hope you enjoy our webinar.

Learn. Engage. Thrive.

This interactive program is designed to help you promote your expertise to potential clients and generate new business.

Everything you need to succeed

Videos you can watch at your own pace and ready-to-go digital marketing assets to use for your campaigns

Get expert guidance

Sherweb marketing experts will guide and support you every step of the way to ensure your success

Stay connected

Our Facebook group connects you with a community of IT pros participating in the program as well as Sherweb experts

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Get started

Choose from our list of marketing campaigns, each providing assets to help you run a successful campaign for every stage of the buyer’s journey, such as instructions, copy, scripts, social media posts, banners and more. New opportunities await!


Host a cyber security lunch & learn

Plan and promote a local event to raise cyber security awareness with this guided video series.

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10 Videos

2 Hours




Transform productivity

Share helpful content about business transformation, secure behavior, productivity tips and related cyber security and collaboration solutions.

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Help SMBs stay secure in the cloud

Draw attention to the very real nature of cyber security threats, including the shift to remote work and related solutions.

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Additional resources

Full-funnel framework & the buyer's journey

Understand the inbound marketing methodology and the sequential approach to our campaigns

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Marketing Program experience walkthrough

Get familiar with the interface and some of the campaigns available

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Campaigns & assets walkthrough

Get the lowdown on the assets and resources you’ll get to create your campaigns

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Useful tools you could leverage

Learn which tools are at your disposal to launch your campaigns if you don't currently have a marketing toolset

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The buyer’s journey 

How MSPs can adapt their message to generate better leads 

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Online sales funnel builder that automates your sales process

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Email marketing automation platform to connect and engage with leads and prospects.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Tools to help you find the right prospects and build connections on LinkedIn

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MDF request template

Qualify for MDF to fund your next marketing event by submitting this funding proposal

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A Microsoft third-party app and marketing digital platform with weekly social media, email and blog content created just for you and ready to share online.

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Content hub with marketing and sales assets, such as presentations and product fact sheets, from the Microsoft Partner Network and your Sherweb partner toolbox.

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Partner benefit guide

Explore Sherweb partnership benefits, opportunities and value-added services.

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LinkedIn ad tips and best practices

Resources to guide and set you up for marketing success.

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