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  • Seminar
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  • Sep 16, 2020 | 11 AM to 3 PM EDT

SMB cyber security: Now is the time for zero trust

Rachel Tobac

CEO of SocialProof Security

Seth Robinson

Senior Director of Technology Analysis, CompTIA

Guillaume Boisvert

Director of Product Innovation, Sherweb

Henry Cheang

Product Marketing Manager, Sherweb

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Never trust. Always verify.

There’s a problem with the old perimeter-based strategy in securing a business—it presumes that no one already inside the network is a threat. With the surge in cyber crime targeting users and businesses, we need a new approach now more than ever. Find out how you can secure your clients by applying the principles of zero trust security in a short time. Join us on September 16 for a virtual seminar.

Why zero trust is so important

Cyber attacks have dramatically increased during COVID-19. Staying vigilant is more important than ever.

Move your clients toward better cyber security

Learn how to get started with the zero trust framework.

Get expert advice

Changing user behavior is a key part of security. Learn why educating end users is critical to securing your clients.

We’re giving you the floor!

Take part in our panel discussion to ask questions and voice your concerns.


Provide maximum security using zero trust; a look at how Sherweb helps partners enable it

Future-proof your security posture

Lunch break

A human hacker playbook: Account takeover in 1 day and how to stop me

Panel discussion open to participants


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Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.


Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.


Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.

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Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.


Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.


Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.

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