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We’re developing an in-depth assessment to help you start conversations with customers about cyber security. Based on responses to a security-specific questionnaire, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for how to make clients safer in the cloud.

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What our assessment does

We’re committed to the success of our partner network, and our security assessment will be available for partners to use free of charge. Similar tools are either too shallow to offer actionable advice, or too expensive for the average provider to actually use. Our assessment has the level of detail you need to make worthwhile security recommendations for clients, affirming your value and creating opportunities to grow your business. We’ll also be following up our assessment with engaged consultations designed to help partners take their security offering even further—stay tuned!

Assess clients’ security posture

Get a bird’s-eye view of clients’ current approach to cyber security

Justify security measures

Includes detailed rationales for each point of inquiry

Provide product recommendations

Receive concrete examples of relevant solutions to suit clients’ needs

Suggest next steps

Proposals for how to implement recommendations for clients

Get recommendations for your cyber security offer

Cyber security is a major concern for pretty much everyone. As managed service providers (MSPs) or any other kind of value-added IT provider, neglecting to include cyber security solutions in your offering not only leaves money on the table, but also opens clients up to potential disaster.

Building a successful cyber security offer, however, is easier said than done. Tech providers need concrete information about what solutions they should offer and why, in addition to details about how those solutions help clients.

That’s why we’re building out an in-depth cyber security assessment tool. Use it to ascertain where your clients might be vulnerable, and how you can help them bolster their defenses before a breach occurs.

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