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Resell VMware cloud servers at a predictable price

Join us for this exclusive webinar and learn how to sell fixed-price cloud servers for predictable costs and revenue.

Erik Beauchamp

Product Director, Cloud Infrastructure & Services, Sherweb

Ray Gonsalves

Strategic Business Development Manager, VMware

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This exclusive webinar introduces Performance Cloud powered by VMware, Sherweb’s cloud server offering that gives you increased cost-to-performance value, an easier user experience and simple packaging and pricing. Get a closer look!

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What you will learn in this webinar

It’s a lot easier to build straightforward cloud server offers and keep clients safe from billing surprises with a single fixed plan. But many MSPs are often stuck with tough-to-navigate cloud costs unless they take long-term commitments to get a fixed rate. Find out why Performance Cloud powered by VMware is a great option for cloud servers, especially for MSPs.

Predictable cloud server costs

Cloud billing doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Always provide an accurate picture of cloud costs.

Best cost-to-performance ratio

What gives Performance Cloud a higher cost-to-performance ratio versus competitors?

VMware Cloud Director

Learn how it simplifies the cloud journey for MSPs and businesses across industries.

Multi-cloud solutions

How a multi-cloud strategy offers greater flexibility and reduces dependency on one vendor.

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