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Back Up Everything from One Place? A Dream Come True!

Ever dreamt to pilot all infrastructure from a single pane?

Learn how to do it with our rock-solid Backup as a Service offer designed for business. Our all-in-one reference includes technical, marketing and sales insights about Online Backup.

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Make a New Start and Thrive
with Online Backup!

Online Backup is a unique solution to help your customers:

  • 1 - Back up local computers

    - PC or Mac
    - Linux or Windows
    - Server or Workstation

  • 2 - Back up virtual machines

    - VMware
    - Hyper-V

  • 3 - Back up mobile devices

    - iOS
    - Android

  • 4 - Back up databases

    - SQL Server

  • 5 - Back up applications

    - Office 365
    - Exchange