The Remote Workforce is Growing. Is Your Offer Ready?

Fewer people are spending their workday in a traditional office. A recent survey of business leaders showed that more than half of their employees would be working remotely by 2020. Meet this growing trend by offering your clients Office 365 on Remote Desktop.

Give your clients remote access to the latest Office apps from anywhere, on any device! Don't just sell licenses. Sell solutions. It's also a great way to create recurring revenue and increase client stickiness.

Your Office 365 Remote Desktop Starter Kit:

  • Remote Desktop and Office 365 Sales Cheat Sheets
  • How to Deploy Office 365 with Remote Desktop Services
  • White Paper: Top 6 Reasons to Use a Remote Desktop
  • Checklist: Office 365 on a Remote Desktop Environment
  • Remote Desktop Services Configuration Guide
  • Office 365 Sales Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Office 365 already in the cloud?

Yes, but the online versions of the most popular Office apps are quite different from the desktop versions. You'll get the same user experience you'd have with a PC. You also get all the benefits of Remote Desktop.

What if my clients don't use Office 365?

No worries. With this starter kit and a partner like SherWeb, you can create an opportunity that includes both Office 365 and Remote Desktop. We've actually based our sales cheat sheet on this scenario!