The Office 365 Sales Enablement Toolkit

Reselling Office 365 is a profitable business, but closing deals can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you start, and what do you say? This is a big part of your business—but perhaps not an easy one.

Everything You Need to Close More Office 365 Deals

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you convince your customers to do business with you. Whether you'd like to master your communication skills or learn how to encourage your clients to embrace Office 365, we've got you covered.

Not sure how you should pitch the benefits of Office 365 or your business? Read on for our advice and to discover helpful resources.

step 1 Get Started

First off, do your homework. Eat Office 365 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because when you know what you're talking about, it shows—and customers are much more eager to close deals with you.

Be clear on your unique value proposition. (Don’t have one? Write one now!) Gather as much information about your customers as possible, and avoid pitching the generic benefits of Office 365—you need to target your customers' specific pain points. With all of this under your belt, you should be well prepared for the first part of your Office 365 sales pitch.

Understanding Office 365 – How to Pitch the Right Plans to SMBs

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How to Write a Value Proposition in 3 Steps

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Sales Pitch Planner – Prospect

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Sales Pitch Planner - Existing Customer

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step 2 Groundwork

When you're laying the groundwork to attract more customers, the three most important things you can do are: introduce yourself, get the conversation started about working together, and assess your client's needs. If you know nothing about their business processes or working environment, you won't be able to present the best solutions to them. What's special about their business? Do they have any privacy, compliance, or security restrictions? This is the time to find out.

Introducing Office 365 Scenarios – Prospect

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Introducing Office 365 Scenarios – Existing Customer

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Empowering Small Businesses

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Piquing the Prospect's Interest

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Piquing the Existing Customer’s Interest

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Office 365 Sales Discussion Guide

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SMB Vertical Industry Discussion Guide

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step 3 Scoping & Discovery

So far, you've spent a fair amount of time researching and laying the groundwork. You've now arrived at the most important stage of the entire sales cycle: scoping and discovery. If this part goes well, you'll get the chance to pitch your business. If it doesn't, you'll have trouble getting that once hot lead to return any of your calls. The trick is to ask as many questions as possible to glean information about the company and its challenges without it seeming like an interrogation—and all the while presenting solutions so they know you can help them. No pressure, right?

Customer Scoping Questions

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Customer Buying Scenarios

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The Definitive Office 365 Battlecard

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The Definitive Microsoft 365 Battlecard

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Plan Comparison Tables

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step 4 Closing the Deal

You're almost at the finish line! Here's the secret to closing deals: pitch the solution, not the product. People can buy Office 365 from anyone—now is the time to drive home why they should only be buying from you. You aren't "just the IT guy"; you're a strategic partner for their business. Note that there's a thin line between applying a bit of pressure and being too pushy or forceful. Don't cross that line, because it's very difficult to rebound once you do. If you feel you need more help, give the client a demo and let the solution speak for itself.

Office 365 SMB Pitch Deck

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Five Reasons to Buy Office 365 from Us

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Closing an Office 365 Deal Scenarios

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Office 365 Quote Builder

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Overcoming Common Cloud Objections

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What Now?

Well done! You've successfully closed the deal. But that was just the first of many hurdles. Selling productivity solutions is no longer a one-off job—you can’t simply get the contract signed and carry on the search for your next prospect.

You need to follow up with your customers regularly to stay relevant. Be sure to check in from time to time. Build on your relationships. Send relevant and quality materials to keep clients informed of new products, trends, and ideas. If you fail to consistently prove your added value, you'll lose your clients to someone else who can.

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