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Welcome to the Dynamics 365 partner-to-partner network

We match MSPs who want to resell Dynamics 365 with our Dynamics technical experts. Both sides benefit from each other’s skills to create new business opportunities.

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Here’s how the partner-to-partner network works:

A lot of MSPs shy away from Dynamics 365 because it’s just too complicated. By joining forces with a Dynamics expert, an MSP can get help with technical issues to close more deals. And the Dynamics experts? They get access to new leads and take their business beyond customization and technical work

Finds your perfect match


  • We match you with a Dynamics technical expert
  • You develop and manage the client relationship
  • You create new sales opportunities for Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365
Win-win situation
Win-win situation

Dynamics experts

  • You bring your expertise to the table to help MSPs with complex Dynamics projects
  • You configure, install and customize Dynamics projects for the end clients
  • You get access to new leads to grow your business

Working together is better for business!

Step 1:
Get matched by us!

Sherweb partners are matched with a Dynamics 365 expert

Step 2:
Work together

The Dynamics expert will help with technical issues plus installation, configuration and customization

Step 3:
A win-win situation

MSPs expand their skill set and the expert creates new opportunities for their own business

Why P2P?

It’s better for business. Our P2P program is designed to link resellers with product experts who specialize in customization, configuration and installation for Dynamics 365.

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