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Do you know any members of the Channel Partner Alliance who’d be interested in joining our partner program? Refer them and get a credit on your CPA membership worth up to $1,000!

There’s no limit to the number of CPA members you refer to Sherweb. In fact, the more referrals you make, the more money you’ll receive! You don’t even have to be a Sherweb partner.

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*This offer applies to Eligible Partners providing Qualified Leads to Sherweb on this web page during the Effective Period and is subject to the following conditions. If a Qualified Lead becomes an authorized Sherweb Reseller or Distributor under Sherweb's Partner Program during the Effective Period, Eligible Partner will receive a credit equivalent to the Net MRR indicated on the Qualified Lead’s account, as shown in Sherweb’s administrative web-based platform, 120 days after such Qualified Lead joined Sherweb Partner Program, up to a maximum amount of $1,000 (“Credit”). Such Credit will be granted by TechnoPlanet and applied by TechnoPlanet on eligible Partners’ CPA membership fees. Please communicate with TechnoPlanet for further details on such Credit.


“Channel Partner Alliance” is a group of VARs, MSPs, IT solution providers and organizations who develop tools or services specifically for channel partners to improve their business, created and maintained by Technoplanet.
“CPA Member” means a member organization of Channel Partner Alliance.
“Effective Period” means the period beginning on September 1, 2019 12:00 AM Eastern Time and ending on August 31, 2020 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
“Eligible Partner” means any organization that complies with the following conditions: (i) is a Sherweb Reseller or Distributor under Sherweb’s Partner Program (Advisors are not eligible); (ii) is a CPA Member; and (iii) registers for this offer during the Effective Period on this web page by providing all required information in the form.
“Net MRR” means the monthly recurring fees payable by a Qualified Lead to Sherweb, excluding taxes, as shown in Sherweb’s administrative web-based portal. Net MRR excludes one-time charges, professional service fees or set-up fees.
“Qualified Lead” refers to the business information a third-party prospective reseller or distributor of Sherweb services provides by Eligible Partner on this web form, providing that: (i) the third-party is not already a Sherweb Partner under Sherweb’s Partner Program; and (ii) the third-party is a CPA Member. Business information must include the name of the organization and the URL address of the organization website or domain name.
“TechnoPlanet” means Technoplanet Productions Inc.