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SherWeb brought the Microsoft world together at the 2017 Accelerate Cloud Summit in November. Now you can watch the best of it online!

  • Marketing tips to attract buyers & keep current clients happy
  • Security do's & don'ts that all businesses should be focusing on
  • Ways to make your business operations & leadership style successful
  • Live networking with attendees & SherWeb experts
  • Participants attending all sessions will receive a certificate.



Session 1: Coaching for high performance

  • Presented by: Peter Jensen
  • Duration : 90 minutes

Combining first-hand examples from both the sport and corporate worlds with an innovative coaching framework, Coaching for High Performance provides a provocative taste and exploration of the possibilities of coaching.

Key takeaway: Understand the potential impact of coaching in both your business and personal life.

Founder • Performance Coaching Inc

Peter Jensen is a dynamic speaker with a PhD in Sport Psychology. An authority on leadership, he is a renowned innovator – bringing coaching and personal high performance to corporations worldwide. He has attended eight Olympic games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team, is a top-rated instructor at the Queen’s Smith School of Business, is the founder of Performance Coaching Inc., and has authored three books including Thriving in a 24-7 World.

Session 2: Using Great Content to get from Lead to Pipeline

  • Presented by: Marie Wiese
  • Duration : 45 minutes

Value-added content or content marketing creates trust with prospects and brings people closer to your business. But you need more than a website to get people from “mildly interested” to an active participant in your pipeline. In this session, you will examine a case study to help you identify points in the buyer's journey you need to create to get a person from “aware to qualified."

Key takeaway: How to create relevant content to attract a buyer wherever they are in their journey.

Senior Marketing Executive & Author

Marie Wiese is a marketing executive with 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing focused on the technology and professional services sectors. As President and Founder of Marketing CoPilot Inc., an award-winning inbound marketing agency, Marie delivers keynote speeches and workshops to organizations to help educate people on digital marketing. She is a Growth Coach at the Innovation Factory and Spark Centre helping mentor start-ups on go-to-market strategies. She is a regular contributor to and a member of the Canadian Board of CompTIA. She shares her knowledge extensively on the blog and in her latest book, You Can’t Be Everywhere, which won the Gold Award at the 2017 International Stevie Awards for Best Business Book of the Year.

Session 3: Market Intelligence Session: Trends in IT Security

  • Presented by: Jim Hamilton
  • Duration : 30 minutes

As technology becomes a critical component for digital organizations, security becomes an even higher priority. Most companies know that security is important, but they aren’t sure which steps to take as they change their IT approach. This market intelligence session, based on CompTIA’s latest research, lets you know which new technologies, new processes and end-user education you should be looking out for.

Key takeaway: The three key areas that every business should focus on.

Vice President, Member Communities • CompTIA

Jim oversees the development and management activities of CompTIA’s member communities. In his role, Jim coordinates with each group’s chair, members and association representatives to ensure they have the tools and support needed to achieve their goals and uncover future opportunities. He was formerly executive director of MSP Partners, an organization that delivered award-winning managed services education to the IT channel prior to being acquired by CompTIA. Under his leadership, the association grew its membership to more than 5,000 MSPs and more than 40 vendor partners. He also previously led the sales operations team for Symbium Corporation, built IT environments for Ceyba and Cambrian Systems, and managed enterprise systems at Nortel and Newbridge Networks.

Session 4: 10 Secrets of the Most Successful VARs and MSPs

  • Presented by: Julian Lee
  • Duration : 30 minutes

This session will review the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs. The findings were compiled after speaking to hundreds of the most successful VARs and MSPs, so you can learn from their collective success, and improve your business!

Key takeaway: The moving parts that play a part in the success of a business, and how to handle them!

President • TechnoPlanet Productions

Julian Lee has been the President of TechnoPlanet for the past 25+ years and has been in the IT industry since 1984. He founded the first North American IT distributor to expand across Europe in 1987. His company is primarily in the business of helping vendors build and perfect their channel partner ecosystems. His latest mission “Best Managed IT Companies” is to help channel partners to improve their best business practices and become a bigger, better, stronger and smarter company. Over the years, he has worked closely with over 500 IT vendors and thousands of VARs. Today, his network spans 6 countries and over 65,000 VARs and MSPs as well as over 4,000 vendors. To learn more about his businesses, please visit

Session 5: Selling Happiness: How to Create Customer Experiences that Inspire Loyalty and Encourage Referrals

  • Presented by: Marc Gordon
  • Duration : 45 minutes

There is a common belief that if a company strives to continually provide the highest level of satisfaction, the customer’s loyalty will increase proportionally. After all, the happier the customer, the more loyal they will be. Right? Wrong. In this session, Marc will dispel the number one customer service myth that costs companies millions in resources and revenue. He will also illustrate how customer loyalty naturally exists, needing to be encouraged rather than earned.

Key takeaway: Concrete examples to help you understand what your customers expect, and how to meet these expectations.

Marketing Specialist

Marc is a specialist in showing businesses how to create remarkable customer experiences even before any communication takes place. He does this through a number of marketing and branding methods he has developed over his 25 years in business and as founder of his own agency. Marc has been referred to as “Canada’s Marketing Superstar” by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Since 2003, Marc has written, spoken, and consulted on how companies cultivate or ruin relationships through marketing and customer service. His understanding of how people subconsciously create expectations based on marketing and personal experiences has made him a sought after resource. His clients include Canada Post, The Canadian Securities Exchange, Johnson & Johnson, and presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.


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