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  • Live webinar
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  • March 27, 2020 | 12:30 PM EDT

Q&A: Working remotely with Modern Workplace

Ask our experts about implementing remote work solutions with tools from Microsoft

Alexandre Laflamme

Subject Matter Expert, Office 365, Sherweb

James Sawyer

Technical Solutions Expert, Sherweb

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What this webinar will cover:

Following up on our “Working remotely with Modern Workplace” webinar, Sherweb subject matter esxperts are here to continue the discussion about delivering remote work solutions for client. An extended Q&A session, participants are encouraged to ask any questions they might have about products and solutions that enable clients to work from home, security measures to consider for remote work, and how current global health concerns are creating demand.

Ask the experts

Sherweb subject matter experts are available to answer questions about how to help clients offer solutions for working from home

Remote work opportunities

Understand cloud opportunities related to remote work & how to help customers transition to working remotely

Current market situation

Discuss how the current market situation underlines the importance of changing habits and enabling staff to work from home


Review security precautions that should be taken to keep companies with remote work policies safe & compliant

Make remote work easy

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