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Find out What’s
Trending for
Microsoft Azure
in 2018

We’ll give you 5 reasons to pay attention to this rising cloud platform.

Have your SMB clients been asking you to recommend a solid cloud platform? Talk to them about Azure. Even though AWS has been a dominant force in the market for the last 10 years, Azure is starting to catch up. Microsoft has invested in AI, Edge Computing and improved security to ensure Azure can hold its own in the market. Find out more in our new eBook.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Azure is Using Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry
  • What Azure is Doing with Edge Computing
  • How Azure Can Guarantee Data Security

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Why You Can’t Ignore
Azure in 2018

Find out what’s new:

  • How Azure is Using Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

    Microsoft plans to make a big push in healthcare in 2018 with new tools and projects that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence and Azure. Examples include processing services for genomics, improved security and compliance for healthcare organizations and a project to help physicians gather information faster.

  • What Azure is Doing with Edge Computing

    Azure IoT Edge will make it easier for developers to move their computing needs to their devices and analyze it locally and in real-time. This means they don’t to send it to a datacenter or in the cloud for processing. They’ll make smarter decisions and reduce bandwidth costs.

  • How Azure Can Guarantee Data Security

    Azure will continue to make security a top priority in 2018. The Azure Security Centre will manage security and protect users from threats across all hybrid cloud workloads. Azure multi-factor authentication will protect your clients’ business with security monitoring and reports based on machine learning. Azure currently has 62 compliance offerings, which is the largest compliance portfolio in the world.

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