It can be hard to know exactly how much your infrastructure will cost, especially if you’re planning to move to the cloud. And even if you knew exactly how much you’d have to pay for an on-premises infrastructure, do you think you could easily compare the total cost of ownership of those servers, compared with a cloud solution?

No need to make it hard on yourself ...because we’ve provided you with a calculator that will do the math for you!

Our customizable TCO Calculator lets you input a few basic metrics, and tells you:

  • The overall cost of on premises vs. cloud solutions
  • The average monthly cost comparison
  • A clear overview of your savings
  • A clear and easy to understand comparison of the main features for both solutions

By downloading this calculator, you’ll also receive a free cost estimator for your very own cloud solution.

Download and save this easy-to-use Excel template so you can use math, not guesswork to make the right decision.

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