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  • The Size and Growth Rate of the Cloud Market
  • Adoption and Usage Patterns by Market Segments
  • Key Challenges for MSPs with Cloud Transformation
  • A Business Model Analysis of the MSP Cloud Landscape

The data for this quantitative study was collected in an online survey conducted during July 2016. A total of 500 business and IT executives (aka customers or end users) participated in the survey. The overall margin of sampling error yielded a 95% confidence rate, +/- 4.5 percentage points. The sampling error is larger for data subgroups.

As with any survey, the sampling error is only one source of possible error. While non-­sampling error cannot be accurately calculated, precautionary steps were taken in all phases of the survey design, collection and data processing to minimize its influence. This report is brought to you by SherWeb in collaboration with CompTIA. CompTIA is responsible for all content and analysis.

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